Material for mulching mado of kenaf fiber
Morphological and physical-mechanical characteristics
Parameter Unit Agrokenaf
Structure - Heat-bound panels with no added adhesives
Raw material - Natural hemp/kenaf fibers
polyester backing fibers
Use - Mulching
Color - natural
Thickness mm from 8 to 15
Dimensions - variable
Weight g/m² from 400 to 900
Reaction to heat - Stable up to 250°C
Absorption moisture Kg/m² 0,124 UNI EN 1609
Tensile strength MN/mc 3,7 UNI EN 29052 - 1
Water vapour transpiration H20 μ 1,7 UNI EN 12086
Mothproof treatment - Not necessary

Main uses
AGROKENAF prevents the growth of noxious weeds around plants, consequently it reduces the periodic mowing and the possibility of damaging the trunk of the plant by operators. For this purpose we can supply mobile collars weatherproof that can be adapted to the diameter of the plants to protect the bark from the mower machine used by the gardener. Moreover, the same collar tightened more around the trunk, prevents the ascent from the ground of common wingless parasites that damage the ornamental plants and garden flowers. The laying of the several formats is extremely simple and this reduce drastically the use of insecticides with the great advantage that green areas can be used without problems for the entire annual period (instead of the spreading of pesticide). Agrokenaf solves the problem of noxious weeds even in gravelly paths because it can be inserted between the underlying substrate and the gravel, or the bark in the case of flowerbeds, for a desired aesthetic effect improvement. This also facilitates the permeability of the gravel path being Agrokenaf a draining product.
Agrokenaf born as insulation in natural fiber of kenaf for construction and thanks to this experience is suited to the inner lining of all street furniture planters, to protect crops from the cold and rejecting the heat during the different seasons. It also keeps longer the moisture within the soil, creating a favorable microclimate that facilitates the development of plants. The permeability of the kenaf fiber avoid water stagnation and the consequent danger of the spread of the "tiger mosquito", whose larvae now grow in our cities, wherever there are frequent irrigations and dense herbaceous vegetation. Agrokenaf positioned internally to the sides of the planters, and on the bottom of the same, filters the excess water and prevents the soil of exit from the underlying holes. The water that comes out of the exhaust vents does not take away nourishment to plants and does not drag debris into the sewer system. Considering the thermal and technical characteristics of Agrokenaf, we can definitely recommend their use over the medium and long distance transport as it maintains optimal humidity in the vessel and supports the stem relieving jolts and oscillations.
Tender specifications
Natural product of excellent quality made from kenaf and hemp intertwined fibers, directly coming from cultivation, non-needled but three-dimensionally thermally fixed, mixed with a fraction of reinforcing fiber. The kenaf fibers do not contain any protein substance and accordingly is not necessary to make any arrangement against insects such as moths or beetles.

The above data for Agrokenaf are given in good faith and refer to values obtained from samples of current productions. We reserve the right to modify the technical characteristics or update the data without notice following developments in technology and/or our experience.
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