Flower of KenafIn June of 1999 we established the firm Kenaf Eco Fibers Italy S.p.A. to meet the growing need for natural fibers products and their main applications: soundproofing systems, thermal insulation of walls, floors and roofs, automotive components, and ecological building, but above all for a sustainable future, in order to safeguard the environment in which we live on a daily basis and that in which our children will live.

In the heart of the Po valley, on the flood plain of the river Po between the provinces of Mantua and Reggio Emilia, we started cultivating kenaf in 1997 with 10 hectares of land to experiment a new crop so highly appreciated by researchers and ecologists for its high ecological and healthy value for the environment in which we live and to study its manifold uses better. Respect for nature is for us a primary commitment and directing our company's decisions in this direction is the fundamental reason for our work. All factories cause environmental impact on nature in the area where they are located, but this is not our case: we are an ecologically sustainable company.

Kenaf cultivationKenaf uses carbon dioxide as the raw material in its development, a concurrent cause of the greenhouse effect, and during its development it releases into the environment a considerable quantity of oxygen, a vital element for our existence and our eco-system. To do this we need the fundamental cooperation of those who work the land and we therefore enter into contracts for cultivating kenaf and hemp throughout Italy to achieve our annual requirement, assisting farmers in all phases of cultivation, from seeding to harvesting the end product.

In addition, we have obtained the recognition of "First Transformer" from AGEA, a necessary qualification to permit farmers to utilize the contribution for "set aside" in accordance with EEC regulations, since kenaf is a no-food plant. Great commitment and vitality for a brand new economic reality have been our points of departure to design a fully computerized kenaf separating line, currently the biggest one in Europe, that could be able to meet the requirements of our clients for both quantity of product obtained and purity of the fibre obtained, maintaining the dogma of being ecologically sustainable.