Comparative table between some characteristics of hemp and kenaf

    Unit of measurement Hemp Kenaf
Vegetative cycle months 4-6 3-5
Yield in stems (*) tonn/ha 10-16 12-18
Selected varieties   yes yes
Availability of selected seed   yes modest
Community grant:   yes no
  - Community Reg. no. 2044/93 ECU/ha 640(-) -
  - Community Reg. no. 334/93 ECU/ha - Variabile (^)
Mechanization of cultivation   complete under improvement
Parasitic attacks   modest or none modest or none
Cleaning effect on infesting weeds   very high very high
Underproducts usable in zootechny   no no
Seed industrial use   yes yes
Seed merchant type   proteoleaginous proteoleaginous
Fibre Italian market   existing (+) potential
Fibre Community market   existing (+) potential
Paper uses   conventional under development
Merchant appreciation as paper fibre   very high under appreciation
International quotation of dry stems (°) l/kg fm 80 to 110 (=) 65 (x)
Italian quotation of dry stems l/kg - 100 (.) - 140 (:)
Pith presence   no 1%
Textile fibre content   25% 33%
Presence of hallucinogen substances   yes no
Hallucinogenic active principles   9-tetra-hydro-cannabinol none
Localisation of hallucinogenic active principles   entire plant -
Maximum level of hallucinogenic principles for
the community regulation
  < 0,3% -
Availability of selected varieties without hallucinogenic substances   yes -
Minimum level of hallucinogenic substances in selected varieties   0% -
(*)  Under atmospheric dry (12% - 16% moisture).
(-)  1993 community grant by hectare expressed in ECU (1 ECU = 2,166.58 Lit.) equal to Lit. 1,386,612.00 (Reg. C. no.2044/93 of 27/07/93).
(^)  According to the Reg. C. no.334/93 of 15/02//93, it can be introduced within the cultivable crops on "set-aside" grounds and benefit from the bonus if cultivated under contract with the industry.
(+)  Existing importation from third countries.
(°)  From British, French and Spanish paper mills.
(=)  Price paid by the French paper mills at 16% moisture, EXW loaded on truck.
(x)  US EX-Farm on field: crop under contract with seed and harvesting at buyer's charge.
(.)  Price open 1993 under ANB contract.
(:)  Minimum price proposed by "Villasor Project" study, production in Sardinia of paper for foodstuffs from kenaf stems.

Source: "Il kenaf, non solo una nuova materia prima cellulosica" - G. Mignoni