Precocity class of some kenaf varieties

Class Day length () Variety
Very early 13h 30' Fadjkistan*, K219*, K221*, WJR202*, WJR449*
Early 13h Uzbezsky*, HC1*
Medium and Medium-late 12h 15' Andalucia* CUBA 108, G4*, BG5238, BG5238/2, C2032*- G40*- G48, G51, G3031, Early Sudan, Tainung 1, Tainung 2
Late 11h 45' Damara, Everglade 41, Everglade 71, Late Sudan, Tenani
() Less than "n" hours
(*) Variety whose seed production was tested in Italy.

Source: "Il kenaf, non solo una nuova materia prima cellulosica" - G. Mignoni