Soundproofing and thermal insulation panels made of recycled paper
Soundproofing and thermal insulators made of recycled paper
Soundproofing and thermal insulation panels made of recycled paper
Morphological and physical-mechanical characteristics
Parameter Unit Isolcell
Structure - Cellulose fibre heat-bound panels with no added adhesives
Raw material - Cellulose fibres deriving from scrap paper with a polyester backing
Sheet thickness mm 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120
Density Kg/m3 Panels kg 40; rolls kg 20; other densities to order
Thermal conductivity λ 0,039 UNI EN 12939
Panel dimensions m 0,6x1,2 - x1,4 - others to order
Roll dimensions m length 5÷25
depending by thickness
Absorption moisture Kg/m² 0,128 UNI EN 1609
Tensile strength N/mm² 0,180
Vapour transpiration μ 1,7 UNI EN 12086
Mothproof treatment - Not necessary

Main uses
Isolcell soundproofing and thermal insulation is available in handy rolls of felt of different thicknesses from 25 kg/m3 and in panels of higher density, 40 and 80 kg/m3. It contains no polluting additives. It is an easily reusable soundproofing and thermal insulation product and as a result also in the disassembly phase it is fully recyclable, therefore it is ECO-SUSTAINABLE.
Isolcell soundproofing and thermal insulation panels and rolls is fast and easy to install, making it especially suited for do-it-yourself. Isolcell resolves all sound proofing and thermal insulation problems, whether for applications on walls, floors or to soundproof or thermal insulate roofs. Isolcell is ideal in both new constructions and renovation. Isolcell needs no precautions for handling. It is clean to use without producing any dust. Its excellent features set it among the finest quality eco-compatible soundproofers and thermal insulators.
Isolcell soundproofing and thermal insulation panels and rolls is made up of recycled paper, to which is added a certain quantity of polyester fibers for strengthening; a natural fireproof product is also added.
The recycled paper contains no protein matter and as a result it is not necessary to give it any treatment against insects, such as moths and beetles. Recycled paper products, as soundproofers and thermal insulators, have quickly convinced a great number of experts, and in countries that are extremely sensitive to the criteria of green building it has obtained the certification of "Material recommended for green building".
The above data about Isolcell soundproofing and thermal insulation panels and rolls are given in good faith and refer to values obtained from samples of current productions. We reserve the right to modify the technical characteristics or update the data without notice following developments in technology and/or our experience.
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