Floors soundproofing and thermal insulation rolls
Floor soundproofing and thermal insulation rolls in kenaf natural fibres
Floors soundproofing and thermal insulation rolls in kenaf natural fibers
Morphological and physical-mechanical characteristics
Parameter Unit Isolkenaf Pav
Fibre structure - Natural fibre roll with protective polyethylene sheet
Raw material - Natural fibers bound by heating without any type of chemical adhesive
Dimensions m 1,2 x 25
Thickness mm 8 - 10 - 15
Density Kg/m<³ 60
Soundproofing performance dB Average increase in impact soundproofing over conventional brick and concrete floor slabs ΔLw=37
Thermal conductivity λ 0,040
Transpiration μ 1,8÷2,00
Reaction to heat - Stable up to 250°C
Smoke emission - Emission of non-toxic fumes because it contains no resins or chemical binders
Toxicological data - Odourless, no type of precaution for cutting and use on site, not putrescible and no dispersion of fibres

Main uses
Isolkenaf Pav is the right product to thermal insulate and to soundproof floors, and especially is the right product to insulate against impact sound transmission through the floors of a building.
Isolkenaf Pav has a low elastic modulus, it is therefore highly flexible and elastic with an extremely strong mechanical structure; these three characteristics make Isolkenaf Pav able to dampen the kinetic energy of mechanical vibration transmitted through the floors in houses and other kind of buildings.
Isolkenaf Pav is one of the products with the best floors soundproofing performance on the market, at an advantageous price because it is obtained by the innovative technology of recycling polyester fibers and miscellaneous fabrics.
Isolkenaf Pav is produced in full observance of the principle of green building. Isolkenaf Pav is used in every kind of floor slab made of concrete and brick, concrete, wood. Its floors soundproofing performance is maintained over the years because its structure features high mechanical strength and its elasticity remains constant over time even when there are high static and dynamic loads (gyms, shopping malls, etc).
Isolkenaf Pav is easy to work, it can be cut with a normal cutter and releases no fiber or dust. Its is also fit for use in rooms where there is a vital requirement for a non-toxic product that is not dusty, above all when it is laid under a floating floor that can be inspected.
The above data for Isolkenaf Pav floors soundproofing rolls are given in good faith and refer to values obtained from samples of current productions. We reserve the right to modify the technical characteristics or update the data without notice following developments in technology and/or our experience.
We cannot be held liable for any use of the product or the above information.